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In Motion ~ Muscle Ease Compresses set of 2

In Motion ~ Muscle Ease Compresses set of 2


This compress is one of our most popular blends.

Key ingredients: Arnica, Rosemary, Camphor, Cinammon, amongst others

Benefits: Decongestant, Relieves muscle aches, increases blood and energy flow.

Great blend for those who have muscle pain, athletes, target areas of pain.

Note: Please try the herbal compresses on yourself before trying to work on someone else. This is the best way to understand the benefits, do's and dont's. 

-Dip the herbal compresses in water for 10 seconds and place them inside the steamer. Cover the steamer and turn it on. The compress should cook for 15 minutes before you start using them.

- Have a water pitcher full next to the steamer; you will need to refill the steamer during the treatment every 15-20 minutes depending on your unit. Make sure you do not let the steamer dry, it could damage it. After a few practice sessions you will be able to tell when to refill your steamer.

-When you are ready to use the herbal compress follow this guideline:

-IMPORTANT WARNING!! Always use a hand towel or wash cloth to remove the lid from steamer. Place the towel over the lid and lift the lid away from you to let the steam out away from you.

-Use a towel to pick up the hot herbal compress and wrap a towel around the herbal compress. 

-Before applying the herbal compress onto the receiver's body test the temperature in the inside of your forearm.

-Apply the wrapped herbal compress onto the receiver's skin on the thickest muscles exposed. Example: Deltoids, shoulders, outside of arms, outside of upper leg, or gluts.

-Keep the towel wrapped around herbal compress for a couple of minutes to introduce the tempeture to the body. Remove towel and test the herbal compress temperature directly on your forearm then apply directly to skin with rolling motions followed by pressing motions.

-It's important to keep a dialogue with the receiver and check in about the comfort of the temperature throughout the massage. 

Note: We offer proffesional training for the use of the herbal compresses. Please contact us if you have any questions before usig the herbal compresses. 

Please take our introductory class here.

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