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We specialize in providing training to massage therapists. Our mission is to inspire massage therapists to reconnect with their power and reawaken the connection with their clients by inspiring them to work from a holistic perspective while providing them with exceptional education, techniques, and body mechanics.

Mind   Heart   Body  Energy

Massage & Spa Professionals Training

Herbal Compress Massage

This massage embraces traditional Thai herbal compress massage techniques and integrates bountiful healing herbs from around the world.  The Herbal compress massage has a deep healing effect on both the receiver and the giver.


  • We offer herbal compresses in a variety of blends made from organic and wildcrafted herbs.

  • During the massage the herbal compresses are heated in a steamer and applied directly onto the body with rolling and pressing motions

  • The treatment’s combined effects of herbs, aromatherapy, and heat create a unique experience that stimulates energy flow, relaxes both the body and the mind and relieves muscle pain and stiffness. An overall sense of well-being is achieved.

  • During the 14-hour, 2-day class the student will learn how to do an 80-minute Thai Herbal Compress massage on the massage table through demonstrations and hands-on practice. The student will receive and practice at least once during the class.  More class options are available pre request.

Thai Massage and Table Thai Massage

These trainings can be customized to fit the needs of your spa or private practice.

Traditional floor Thai Massage.

The basic Thai massage training is offered in a 28-35 hour class. The training will cover the basic principles of the art of traditional Thai massage, an ancient form of interactive message, which incorporates elements of yoga, stretching, joint mobilization, and acupressure along Sen Lines (meridians) that creates a unique therapeutic experience.

This traditional form of bodywork is done on a mat on the floor, the receiver stays fully clothed and no oils are used. Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to do a basic classic Thai massage routine. 

Table Thai Massage 

The Table Thai Message basic training is offered in 12- 16 hours for students who have been previously trained in Traditional Thai massage and it is also offered in 28-35 hours for those who are new to Thai massage.

Please inquire and we can discuss the best options for you.

Hot and Cold Stone Massage

 This 35-hour hands-on course is presented in a 5-day format. The student will be introduced to the basic principles of Stone Massage and Thermotherapy. The students will have the opportunity to give and to experience the full body Stone Massage during the class.


Topics covered during the class:

  •  History of Stone Therapy

  • Cleaning and Caring for the Stones. Re-energizing the stones

  • Benefits, Contraindications and effects of the Stone massage

  • Integrating Energy work and Chakra balancing. (Optional)

  • Thermotherapy/Hot and cold stones benefits.

  • To learn how to perform a full-body stone massage protocol in 80-minutes and how to do spot treatment. 

  • The protocol of the massage can be adapted to meet the needs of your spa.

 Body Treatments

  • We create body treatment protocols - design to fit the layout of your spa and your vision. 

  • Thaiyurveda's signature body products include body scrubs, body masks, body balms, herbal bath teas, bath salts, body& face mists and signature pure essential oil blends.

  • All body products are created with no fillers or synthetic ingredients and are made in small batches using high quality ingredients.

  • Our most popular body treatment protocol is a body scrub perform in a massage room, no showers needed.

  • Our body products and treatments can be customized to meet the vision and needs of your spa. ​

  • We collaborate with you to include your spas S.O.P.'s and culture into the protocols. 

Other available massage classes

These trainings can be customized to fit the needs of your spa or private practice. Please inquire for more information and details.

  • Detox - Lymphatic Massage

  • Ergonomics

  • Deep Tissue Techniques

  • Train the trainer

Relaxing Massage

Thaiyurveda's herbal compresses and herbal products are used at top spas around the nation such as 


Onsite Events with Camille


Make your own Herbal Products

In this interactive fun event attendees will make herbal face and body products using natural 

ingredients such as Body Scrubs, Bath Salts, Bath Teas, Drinking Teas, Facial and Body Masks. 

This event can be offered  in 1-5 hours. Other options are offered by request.


Thai Massage for -self

Attendees will learn how to use Thai massage techniques on them self's  to gain energy, flexibility and relaxation using Yoga stretches, pressure points, joint mobilization, and meditation.

This event can be offered  in 2-6 hours. Other options are offered by request.

Above. Below. Within.

Ritual Camp

Attendees will experience a holistic approach to self-care through the use of herbal products, tea, movement, meditation and intention rituals. This is a perfect way to reset our mindsets and start fresh or deepening within.

This event can be offered  in 2-12 hours. Other options are offered by request.

Corporate events are also available. 

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