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Gift Box In Harmony Roll-on & Room Spray

Gift Box In Harmony Roll-on & Room Spray


In Harmony Aromatherapy Roll-on and Room & Pillow Spray.

It comes in a Soul Rituals Box with all you need to cleanse your sacred spaces and printed Soul Rituals Guide Cards with guidelines for smudging, meditations, mantras, movement, and breathing exercises. 

Soul Rituals are invitations to calm the mind, be present, meditate, set daily intentions, and clear stagnated energy in our bodies and spaces.  Soul Rituals help you connect to self and inspire you to set personal intentions and awaken the spirit by taking time to be in tune with nature and shedding and smudging away all that has already served its purpose and is not serving you anymore. Take time to cleanse your sacred personal space, mind, body, energy, and spirit while reflecting on life and being joyful and grateful.  I invite you to let go and be in stillness with yourself. Invite health, love, joy and renewal. Breathe.

Enjoy the sweet and seductive scents of jasmine, orange, and lavender throughout the day with this concentrated aromatherapy roll-on. Apply on the neck area and pulse points. Carry with you and re-apply whenever you need to relax and reconnect to your daily purpose. Please visit our Soul Rituals page for ideas on how to use it.

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