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Integrating Mind, Body & Energy Inspirations

We believe that the combined effects of inspirations, intentions, daily rituals, aromatherapy and herbal blends stimulate the senses, calm the mind, soothe the skin and awaken the spirit. We strive to inspire play, self-exploration and joy.

Essences Mantras

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Being in Motion...

increases energy and focus. It's time for play and joy!


"I move to create transformation and energy" 


Movement of the body, the stillness of the mind.

Product Collection

In Motion Camphor, Menthol, Eucalyptus,  Rosemary

Effects Muscle ease, pain relief, uplifting.

In Harmony is...

a feeling of contentment and balance within ourselves.  Being in Harmony promotes feelings of gratitude that humbles us, opens our hearts and helps us grow.


"I am grateful"


Accept the beauty that comes your way with an open heart.

Product Collection 

In Harmony  Lavender, Jasmine, Orange, Ylang-Ylang

Effects Hydrating, Relaxing.

Being in The Now...

helps us to be grounded and present with ourselves and those around us. Acceptance gives us a sense of peace and stillness.


"I am present"


Bring your mind to the present moment. Acknowledge distractions and let them go.

Product Collections 

In the Now Vanilla, Coffee, Coconut

Effects Hydrating, Grounding, Awakening.

Online events with Camille

Herbal Compress Massage

Introductory class

Thai-Yoga Massage for self

Ritual Camp

In this introductory class the attendees will learn basic techniques on how to safely incorporate Thaiyurveda herbal compresses during a massage.  This is a basic introductory class, I do offer more advance classes that cover more stretches, herbal compress techniques and pressure points. 


For this class you will need a steamer and two herbal compresses. You can use an electrical steamer or a stove top steamer to heat up the compresses at home. 

Join us and learn Thai-Yoga massage techniques for self  care.  Thai-Yoga massage helps you gain energy, flexibility and relaxation by doing stretches, pressure points, joint mobilization, and meditation.

Attendees will experience a holistic approach to self-care through the use of herbal products, tea, movement, meditation and intention rituals. This is a perfect way to reset our mindsets and start fresh or deepening within.


Class link - click here
Class link to be announced
Class link to be announced

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